Strong Bad Email #10

Description: Strong Bad makes Stinkoman. Strong Bad's future self.

Cast (in order of appearance): Stinkoman, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Future, Computer Room

Computer: Tandy 657.584893

Date: December 5, 20X6

Running Time: 5:01

Page Title: 20X5!!

Transcript Edit

Stinkoman huh

Future strong bad

Intro: Gonna Checka, gonna checka, gonna checka my eeeemaiiiil! Yea!

Strong Bad: Dear Bad Strong, What do you think you will look like in the footer?
Un-Crapfully yours, Tim in That place.
Strong Bad: Wait this is all wrong!

Strong Bad: What will I look like in the future? Well, I will have blue hair and I will be animae! My name will be Stinkoman and the year will be 20x5 and my friends will be 5-up and Person Person!

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