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They don't pay me enough for this...

Hark! Hark! A Decemberween Mackerel has commenced! The joke is that they replaced the word "miracle" with mackerel! It's supposed to be clever!

This waste of 6 minutesanimated holiday special is about a snowman's attempts to deal with the fact that an icicle is getting more screen time than him. To keep the camera on him, the snowman does outrageous things like dressing in mistletoe and throwing up dotted lines. Meanwhile, the icicle, after seeing a dying homeless man in a bush, decides to cram Decemberween cheer up his butt so that maybe he'll crap out a miracle. After a confusing series of vignettes, the homeless man was only able to crap out hot pooey. When all hope seemed lost, Santa Claus conveniently flew in to fix everything up in that anticlimactic way of his. The snowman got in one last line, and he and the icicle were turned into real boys (and girl).

The special was so carefully crafted that it took The Brothers Mouse 8 months to complete. It was the first toon to be created in stunning HD, which made it twenty times larger, suitable to the average browser's capacity. The sound was also improved, and with other minor adjustments, this is considered the most necessary toon on the entire site. Fans praised the addition, citing the fact that it existed and was more than a minute long. Less relevant aspects like quality and humor were seldom mentioned.

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