Cast (in order of appearance): Coach Z, Homestar Runner, and The dirt, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Sad, Strong Mad

Transcript Edit

{Everybody is playing a ball game that makes no amount of sense}

{Coach Z suddenly blows his whistle, causing Homestar to appear next to him}

COACH Z: Homestar, you did a very badly job out there.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, fish, or something.

COACH Z: Jarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: This toon sucks. I'ma go get peachmonade.

THE DIRT: Hey I just got here. It can't suck if I'm here!


THE DIRT: Oh darn. {walks away}

COACH Z: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrooooooorrrrrb.

STRONG BAD:{offscreen} YOU SUCK!

COACH Z: Jarrarub.

THE CHEAT:{offscreen} Weh.

{cut to Coach Z on the sidewalk. He walks into the street, and is hit by a car. Strong Sad, wearing a lab coat and a grey-haired wig, walks in, grabs him by the neck, and laughs. Cut to a dark room with a chair in the center of it. Coach Z, now with metal armor on various parts of his body, is thrown into the chair, and Strang Sad attaches specula to his eyes. Cut to the view of the room from a different angle, revealing a wall of screens. Strong Sad walks onscreen and presses a button on a remote. Each screen turns on, and they all say "JOB" on them, except for the center screen, which is just static. Zoom into the static. Cut to a field. Strong Sad, dressed as a sheep, jumps over a fence. Each time Strong Sad says "job", another Strong Sad sheep jumps over the fence}

STRONG SAD: Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Job. Jorb.

{Strong Mad, dressed as a wolf, breaks through the fence. The Sadsheep start running away. Cut back to Homsar drinking marshmallowade.)


  • Homestar breaks the fourth wall by admitting he exists in a cartoon.
  • Coach Z being hit by a car and the following scene is a reference to Robot Chicken.