Axew is an Pokemon/Homestar Runner Character Who is a Dragon-type Pokemon, He was Once Trogdor's Younger Brother but he's seperated from Trogdor's Family, He is Now Haxorus's Family.

He's Voiced By Jaleel White (The First and Only Original Voice Actor In Homestar Runner Wooky Canon), He Knows How to Speak Homsar's Langauge in Real Homestar Runner Website, His Recent Toon Appearcane is Mushroom Kingdom's Revenge. But not only his Recent Toon Appearcane is, but Sbemail appearcane: Sbemail 206 Aka Axew Vs. The Cheat.

However, In Real Homestar Runner website, He's Non-canon to Real Homestar Runner Website.

He's appeared in PBTC Style,

Axew Has a Relationship with:

Two-Bodies, Spike (From My Little Pony Friendship is mag..Wait, Why is Spike Included here in Homestar Runner Series? Spike's Non-canon to Homestar Runner!), Roinbow dosh (Her Real Name is Rainbow Dash), Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparke, Fluttershy, Rarity.

Axew's QuotesEdit

"Rainbow Dash! What you Done to My Rocket Damaged?!?!?" ~ Said By Axew

"Derpy Hooves, I've Gifted you as a Cursed Teacher?" ~ Said By Axew

"What!?!?! Derpy Hooves! What are you doing in Homestar Runner Universe Without a Crossover Universal Portal?!" Said By Axew