Bubs Concession Stand, also known by its official name, Liberty Enlightening the World, is not really that great. People claim to have bought items, and maybe even iTems, there, but they probably lied.

Most of the stuff it (doesn't) sell is a bunch of crazy crap, hence the stand's slogan, "Respect my authoritah!" Bubs used to work here until about like 50 years ago, when his younger cousin Homsar took over the world. Oh yeah, and the concession stand. However, Homsar's powerful armies could not penetrate the large and convienently placed wall that surrounded New Zealand.

Realizing that they had an advantage, the New Zealandicans swarmed together to form a giant magnifying glass... uh, to hit Homsar with. This was later known as the Battle of Hastings. Regis Philbin was involved somehow, but I forgot how.

List of Battles in the Homsar WarsEdit

  • Battle of Palo Alto
  • Battle of Wellington
  • Battle of The Hague
  • Battle of Penguin
  • Battle of Penguin City
  • Battle of the Cape of Good Penguins
  • Battle of San Bernardino
  • Battle of Vatican City
  • Battle of Tranquility Base
  • Battle of [CENSORED]
  • Battle of Tasty Steak