Homestar Runner Wooky

Coach Z in his full attire

"I'm a white guy with a knife!"

-Coach Z

"A white rapper? Unheard of!"

-Eminem on Coach Z


Coach Z, known to many as Coach Z, was Free Country, USA's most critically acclaimed coach, if not the only coach. His team, however, after losing every championship, decided to have him suspended by reporting his many alleged butt-pattings, then the Shakespearean play ended and Coach Z found a new job as a rapper. He's created many hits, like These Peoples Try to Fade Me, Hip Hop Dance, and Rap Song, though none charted on even the Billboard Hot 1000 and he fell into poverty. You can currently find him residing on the street, holding out his hat for people to spit into.

Besides financial issues, Coach Z appears to have many problems, ranging from a Japanese accent to unrequited love with Marzipan. However, none of this was noticed until Strong Mad pointed it out years after Coach Z's first appearance. His age is currently unknown, but reliable sources say that he's around eleventy by now. The Brothers Mouse recently admitted that Coach Z's conception as the result of a drunken party gone too far, stopping there at the advice of their lawyers.