Strong Bad loves dancing to dubstep, although his dances usually end with severe injuries.

A synonym for asplode, dubstep is a series of noises made by burping into a pig carcass. It is very popular in Free Melons, USA. Every inhabitant there enjoys dancing to it, which also means that they like to die, as dubstep dancing is very dangerous.

It was discovered by Strong Bad, when he visited the men's bathroom at Denny's. Strong Bad found out how magical dubstep really was when he took a crap and it started to play louder. Every toilet soon asploded. Strong Bad sailed back to his homeland, and spread the culture all around his town. Soon, life insurance was a lot more in demand, as Strong Bad sat upon piles of money covered in smoldering crap.

Tired of all the noise and injuries (and crap), Strong Bad began to record his own dubstep in his bathroom. Exactly five hours and forty-five seconds after it's release, the grass stopped growing, the cock stopped crowing, and the lawnmowers stopped mowing. This is now known as The Great Depression.