Homestar Runner Wooky
Free Country, U.S.A.
It's somewhere in the star, look for it yourself.
It's somewhere in the star, look for it yourself.
Language Engrish
Benevolent Dictator King Bubsgonzola Supreme
Population Mrs. Bennedetto
Currency Pencil shavings

Free Country, USA is the setting of the site that we all know and, uh, know.


Free Country was founded in the early Middle Ages by a guy named Smortsfrthenagt. His people, the Smortsfrthenagtites, had been persecuted by an unknown specimen on the island they hailed from. Most of them agreed that the country should be named after Smortsfrthenagt, but what must have been a typo resulted in a name completely and totally and completely and undeniably and completely unrelated. Completely. One settler insisted on naming it after an ugly face and stupid butt (also known as Homestar Runner) he saw when they landed, and so they compromised on the name "Free Country [sic], USB." Unfortunately, the [sic] made people sic [sic], so they took it out. Smortsfrthenagt, enraged, went on a legal rampage. He lost, because the court was owned by the people he was suing, and was sentenced to be guillotine'd for it, which they interpreted as treason. Unfortunately, guillotines didn't exist back then, so he was let off with a warning. Then the B magically turned into an A while doing a backflip.

After the Indüstrïål Revœlutïõn, a monarch went into power, who at the time was the svelt, young Prince of Town. But then, after the second World War, he became the gluttonous, old King Of Town. Then, finally, in September 10, 2001, The King of Town retired and spent the rest of his life eating himself to death at his castle. While he was enjoying himself, King Bubsgonzola Supreme and his devastating Thought Police took the liberty to rule over the city, with the U.S. feds not knowing because of the place's obvious name. The residents are CHICKEN WINGS until the day they die.

All of Free Counry's history was finally eaten and spit back out by Strong Bad in his nation bestseller, The History of the World, and this is DEFINITELY NOT where the wooky has gotten most of its information about FCUSA.


FCUSA is a very complicated landscape. The only person(?) that could geographically identify it was Strong Mad, who revealed that it was full of fields of green and had no roads. There's most likely a pond somewhere, but no one bothered to look since a dead body was found underseas. It was the same sea the Titanic sailed on, but, of course, no one wanted to take their chances. Scattered around, you'll find many a house, which the poor and maybe insane stupid animal characters live in. However, in a bulding... All in all, it's really hard to point out Free Country on a map because it isn't on them for privacy and the fact that it doesn't exist reasons.