Strong Bad Email #1

Strong Bad sets off on an inspiring journey to find a good halloween costume, and defeats a villian....once and for all. rated PG. May contain some explicit costumes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Magic Costume Of Power

Places: Computer Room

Computer: The Yandt 004.

Date: 12/34/56

Running Time: Sim ThemePark

Page Title: How many nuns would a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck nuns?

Transcript Edit

INTRO: One cow...will find that empire will rise....and a man will fall.

STRONG BAD: What.....What? Costume, gotta get...oh yeah. What?"

{The magic costume of power approaches Strong Bad.}

THE MAGIC COSTUME OF POWER: "Hey, Strong Bad! I'm here to help you on your magical adventure to find a decent halloween costume! I'm the magic costume of power! No, you can't wear me, that sounds weird. "

STRONG BAD: Um....oookaaay....What?

THE MAGIC COSTUME OF POWER: No, those aren't you lines!!! Screw yall! Your out of the movie!!!!"

{And so Strong Bad went back to the streets, where he lived in a box and lived off of straw. Instead of The ever-so-awesome parchment, Film credits of an unfinished and somewhat depressing movie roll down.)

Easter eggs Edit

  • They didn't feel like making any. :(