Homestar Runner Wooky

Homestar returning Strong Bad's '80s reference.


Homestar Hal Runner coincidentally has the same name as the website he's in. Though, it was most likely because the Brothers Mouse were so great at coming up with original names when it was built that some wouldn't know. This also explains the truly amazing names for the Strong Brothers. Homestar himself is brothers with the infamous Road Runner, which isn't hard to believe since it was scientifically proven that their brains are the same size. Homestar has an on-off relationship with his broom, is best friends with his basketball, and has a pretty smooth relationship with himself, though it gets pretty creepy sometimes.

For centuries now, a question has been asked regarding him: What's this guy's freakin' problem? After a long and painful interview, it was revealed that Homestar keeps his real brain in the freezer to warm. It never got warm, so he never took it out. After that, Strong Bad managed to forget that entire night by knocking himself unconscious with the table.

Homestar lost his arms in the Battle of Strong Badia. After Frank Bennedetto supposedly died, Homestar cooked a bag of popcorn in him just to see. It was revealed that his arm was still in the bag and, well, let's just say Frank was still alive and kicking, though, Homestar's arm managed to cause Bennedetto to explode. Homestar's remaining arm was used as The Cheat's gnawing practice for the next month, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Aiding the blind[]

Homestar Runner has a white face and legs. He wears a red shirt with a star in front and a bandage on the side. He has a beer belly, presumably from all the Cold Ones. Above the shirt is a few lines representing his neck. He has two red eyes and a mouth with pink gums and white teeth showing. He wears a blue railroad cap with a gray propeller and is rounded out by a black outline.