Homestar Runner Wooky

Homestar is the name of a children's book about the struggles of war and what mankind has to go through to prove their strength and maybe get a bite to eat along the way by Mickey and Mortimer Mouse.


It turns out the book became a local bestseller within it's first week and the authors, Mickey Mouse and Craig S. List became made for the rest of that week. Unfortunately, they got arrested by the completely legitimate police soon after and could only be admitted of all charges if they made a website. They were in no position to refuse, so they agreed, and Homestar was born.

The next day, Craig was shot (isn't that great?) and Mickey was forced to work with his brother, Mortimer Mouse. Unfortunately, Mortimer sucked at voicing characters, so Mickey had to do all the dirty work. But Mortimer, being the god-like nerd he is, started doing pretty much all of the animation and coding, making the site what it was when we last checked.

After a few weeks of site-making, Mortimer started using headache medicine. Unfortunately, a major side effect of it was head pains. He ended up using up all of Mickey's book revenue on pills, forcing them to turn to ads. But then they thought, what would Biscuitdoughhandsman do in this situation? And then it came to them: They'd make the website popular using a pencil and cow lips! Somehow, everything came to place after that and, well, here we are!


There are things in the website. Scary things. Things that can make you wake up one night and go "Whoa". One of these things is a white, nerdy, and incoherent buzzer with no arms and a big chin. Some call him the star of the website. Others call him stupid. Another is this nail checker with a red swollen head. He also may be the star, but that's probably because he always tries to hog the some kind of hog. There's also the broom girl, giant balloon, Pikachu, genius, dog, con artist, rapper, and that other guy. Watch as these dumb animal characters try and survive the insanity of Free Country, USA just like your mother used to make 'em every Monday at whatever time it is where you live!

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