Strong Bad Email #4

Homsar looks like a hippie. Poor, poor, Homsar.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homsar, Garfield Arbuckle

Places: Computer Room

Computer: The Yandt 004.

Date: Do you think I care enough to know?

Running Time: 12:34. Woah! That looks cool! It's like a... pattern...


Transcript Edit

INTRO: "I have 4 hearts. Isn't that great?"

{Strong Bad pulls up the email and reads it}

STRONG BAD: Well Ashley, you must realize that you are stupid, for one reasons. One is that no one, not even Homsar, deserves to look like a hippie.

{Strong Bad approaches Homsar, who once again looks gorgeous. I wonder just how many pounds he lost with that diet... I gotta lay off the pringles...}

HOMSAR: Oh, it's Strong Bad. I wonder if I should forgive him... Wait, am I alive? This is strange—HOLY CRA—"

{Homsar grows an enormous amount of hair, on both head and parts you don't EVER want to see.}

STRONG BAD: Sweet. Moo.

HOMSAR: I hateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyou....I'm going to move over to Free Country, Iraq. That place is better."

{Homsar walks away in a depressed manner, leaving Strong Bad without someone to sit on.}

HOMSAR: Yay Homsar!


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