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I can haz a baba?

Middle school is the home of a bunch of melon-headed babies with no discipline or life middle-schoolers, also known as children. Like all babies children, these idiots they don't know anything about anything cause the teachers don't teach anything about anything everything, which is why they have teachers, who just read magazines while the childs have nappy time enlighten them with edumacation. And they do it for a paycheck. For lunch, the kids get bottles full of warm milk that was sitting in the back of the dumpster refrigerator. For recess, they get to play on various death traps recreational equipment. The first is a tire probably dismantled from the first car the principal saw on a thin string probably pulled out from someone's shirt swing. The next is the monkey bars built from the bones of an actual monkey that the principal ran over. Last, and definitely least is a few window glasses glued together diagonally that could break if you put a stone on it glass-made slide. So, middle school is a dump wonderful place full of and for slobbering pigs children that is better off torn down likely to stay a while.