Powered By The Cheat

The Cheat learns how to fly, and Strong Bad helps him.

Cast (in order of stupidity): The Cheat, Strong Bad

Places: Somewhere

Date: 2009

Running Time: I don't know.

Page Title: The Cheat Can Fly?


{As the scene opens, we see The Cheat, and Strong Bad are engaged in a discussion}

STRONG BAD: Hey, The Cheat! Those are some cool shoes you're wearing.

THE CHEAT: Thanks, Strong Bad.

THE CHEAT: Strong Bad, i've always wanted to fly. Can you help me make my dream a reality?

STRONG BAD: Sure, i'll help.

{Cut to a workshop. Strong Bad is making something, The Cheat walks in}

THE CHEAT: What're you making, Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: A jetpack. It's going to help you soar through the sky.

THE CHEAT: That's nice. Keep up, keep working on it.

{A black screen with the words "Several Hours Later..." fades in. It fades out, a few seconds later. Strong Bad walks out of the workshop}

STRONG BAD: {In an announcing voice} The Cheat, your jetpack is ready!

THE CHEAT: {smiles} That's great, Strong Bad! Now my dream can come true!

{Cut to a field, The Cheat is wearing his jetpack. He turns it on, and is immediately whisked into the air.}

THE CHEAT: Wheee! This is fun! I don't want to stop!

{The screen fades out, the words "The End" appear.}

Fun FactsEdit

  • The jetpack Strong Bad brings out of the workshop is the same one used on Cheat Commandos
  • The Cheat can actually talk normally in this one