Strong Bad Email #16

What will the opera name be?

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Rocker Van Rocker, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room

Computer: The Yandt 004.

Date: 2006 B.C.

Running Time: About 3 years

Page Title: Moooooooo!

Transcript Edit


STRONG BAD: ...a-good names? Uhhh... Sherly Socks, Nice yo-yo

STRONG BAD: Well, some good Opera names are like: Singing-a-song-of-joy-and-other-stuff but I don't know much about Operas. So ask Rocker Van Rocker.

{Goes to scene where Rocker Van Rocker is by the computer}

ROCKER VAN ROCKER: ...a-good names? Uhhh... Suckers Sweat, No Yes

ROCKER VAN ROCKER: Hmm... howa-bout Sucker Sweat, No Yes? That would be a good name. Millions upon millions whouls go to that Opera thingymado...bob...

STRONG BAD: How about............ Sorry I just lost it.

(Homestar runner walks in)

HOMESTAR: Call it something! Call it something!

ROCKER VAN ROCKER: What a great name! Call the opera something!

STRONG BAD: What??! That name sucks! You could of at least called it milk or.......mmmmmmm....that just made me thirsty. Im gonna go get a glass of milk. Be right back guys!

(Strong Bad walks off the screen)

(The parchment comes down)

HOMESTAR: So Van Rocker, wanna go see something?

ROCKER VAN ROCKER: What a great idea!

(Homestar and Van Rocker walk off the screen)

Chocolate EggsEdit

Click on Strong Bad before he walks off the screen to see him get the glass of milk

Fun FactsEdit

They are Fun facts!

Real world RefencesEdit

A cow is a real live animal