Summary: Strong Sad looks on the bright side, as usual...And he gives out his email address. Sweet.

Running Time: Long enough for you to look on the bright side...That's the way of Strong Sad.

Release Date: Septic tank, 1999....What?

Cast: Strong Bad, Homestar


INTRO: "OK email now drop a train on em'."

STRONG BAD: (reads email) Dear Strong Bad, tell Strong Sad he is a cool and chilled guy. From Ikwaylx. Ok, Ill go do that Ikwaylx! You have one cool name bro.

(Strong Bad walks in Strong Sads room. Strong Sad is painting a picture of Walt Disney)

Strong Bad: Hey Strong Sad! Ikwaylx called you a cool and chilled guy!

Strong Sad: Very well my fellow friend. Give him my email.

(Strong Bad runs back to his computer)

Strong Bad: Yeah, his email is . Send him an email if you wish.

(The parchment comes down and ends the email)

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