Thanks for the gold bowl and all, but I've been holding it for the last 5 minutes!

The Homestar Runner Enters the Longest Name in the World Contest is the original children's book that started the entire Homestar Runner body of work. When asked about the book's significance, Mickey Mouse said that if he had known it would do what it did, he wouldn't have created it.

In the story, The Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and three others fight to the death with nothing but grapes in order to win praise from a sarcastic bee. Strong Bad decides to win by having his yellow pet smuggle nuclear weapons and destroy all the competitors. It backfires and Strong Bad ends up blowing up the entire world and killing everyone. The last page has Homestar Runner and Pom Pom holding a gold bowl for some reason with the words "Isn't that great?" under them.

The book was banned in the UK because of graphic violence.