Strong Bad Email #222

Strong Bad, being a bad boy, insults Bush. Homsar asks about 300%.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Abdi the lamest (Easter Egg), And lets beat Tom Cruise in here for bad measure.

Places: The Room Boom

Computer: The Tdnay 432

Date: ...What?

Running Time: 3.14159.....


Transcript Edit

STRONG BAD: "lake. Moo. lake...Moo."

STRONG BAD: {As he reads the email}

STRONG BAD: "Moo. This guy is stupid. I'm political. Guess what? Ge-George rush is dumb. Or...Or maybe...{Cries.}"

HOMSAR: {Homsar appears behind him} Hey Strong man, how's the silk going?"

STRONG BAD: "Hey Duey. I hate you."

STRONG BAD: "Also, can you get the heck out of here? I'm making fun of politics in a sunken manner. Can't you see that's important to you?"

HOMSAR: "Nah, I'm too bored here. Can't you see that your first email is the worst you'll ever have? Besides, I like ruining your stuff. The ratings for this should go down like a hot knife through butter."

{The Parchment rolls down with a piece of mans.

strong bads mom: {Comes in} Hello.

SB: Shut up and leave!