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I say, this waffle has the word "BUG" written on it in syrup.

Strong Mad is the genius of the Strong Brothers. He is always the one people go to for advice, as he knows almost everything. Heck, he helped build the wooky! Wait, bad example. You know he's a genius because he starts every sentence he says with "I say" and points out the craziest details. People called him the Sherlock Holmes of Free Country, USA. No one knew that ice cream melted until he came around. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for pointing out that a paper cut hurts.

Strong Mad's only enemy is his own brother and his pet. They've been enemies since Middle school, when he embarrassed him by pointing out an error in his math problem, which was 2 + 2 = 4. It turns out that 2 + 2 was actually 22. So, Strong Bad swore revenge on him in pure jealousy and anger, but Strong Mad always seems to be one step ahead of him and his yellow dog.