Teen Girl Squad is yet another sad attempt by the Brothers Mouse to appeal to the female audience, which, of course, they'll probably never have. The toons document the downs and downs of four unlucky girls as they experience tragedy among tragedy until their suffering finally ends (isn't that great?). The series tries to connect with teenage girls and teach them that they'll die soon anyway so there's no use in crying over what's currently happening, unless it's your death, then by all means, continue.

The toons are crudely drawn, as if in pencil. TBM said that this was to identify with diary drawings, as they've seen a diary before and "frankly, teenage girls suck at art". Because they were being interviewed by a woman, they were promptly slapped and they took it all back, so it is unknown whether this was true or not.

The series received critical acclaim and was surprisingly popular among fans, too, most likely because of the fact that this is the closest boys could ever get to understanding the opposite gender,the entire audience booed.