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The Brothers Mouse (real life siblings Mickey and Mortimer Mouse) are the reluctant creators of the site this wooky is named after. They live in their parents' basement Flashing cartoons while trying not to get arrested for public exposure.

History Edit

Mickey Mouse was born on the day of the Original Book's creation with Craig S. List during middle school in order to show the consequences of nuking the Earth and wiping out the population. It became popular enough to pay the bills. After a tragic accident, Mortimer Mouse was born to replace Craig. When Mickey was old enough to talk, he and Mortimer started their own cartoon based on the book, but there was too much violence for the censors, so they changed the plot and made the site what it is today.

Family Edit

The Mouse Brothers have no family because Walt Disney™ © ® LLC Esq. GQ couldn't fit any more into the budget.

Marzipan may be a relative by mairrage, as all of them have sluglike feet.